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12 Dec 2019
Mental models for designers

Curious about product design at Dropbox? Here’s a look at tools we use for solving problems, making decisions, and communicating ideas.

#Design Process

10 Dec 2019
Brand Illustration Systems: Drawing A Strong Visual Identity

Brand illustrations are an adaptable and effective way to build a company’s visual brand. In this article, Yihui Liu outlines her process for developing a st...

#Design Process #Illustrations

08 Dec 2019
Designing for Design Systems

Design systems force designers into thinking about their designs in a more abstract way than they might be comfortable with.

#Design Systems

07 Dec 2019
Accessibility Tips for Web Developers

There are at least six key areas of disability we can optimize for: visual, hearing, mobility, cognition, speech and neural.


06 Dec 2019
Design more, resize less, with Auto Layout

Auto Layout is now live in Figma! Buttons can resize with their text.


06 Dec 2019
Music and web design

There are a lot of parallels between music and web design/development.

#Web #Music

05 Dec 2019
The State of UX in 2020

A list of what to expect for User Experience (UX) Design in the next year.

#Trends #Design Systems

04 Dec 2019
What’s next for Sketch in 2020?

2019 has been an incredible year for us, but with 2020 just around the corner, it’s time to look ahead to what’s next.


29 Nov 2019
10 Rules of Dashboard Design

Dashboard design guidelines for beginners

#Visual Design

28 Nov 2019
What’s the next UI design trend?

When the first iPhone launched, the idea of interacting with a small device using multi-touch gestures was quite new.

#Trends #Prototyping

27 Nov 2019
Accessibility drives aesthetics

Paying homage to OXO, Eames, GOV.UK, and more.


21 Nov 2019
Opening up the data behind your design systems

As a browser-based tool built entirely in the cloud, Figma has the unique opportunity to provide visibility into how designers use the system.

#Figma #Design systems

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