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16 May 2019
How I increased this travel app’s booking revenue by redesigning it

Giving the power of flexibility and efficiency back to travelers.

#Visual Design #Design Strategy

16 May 2019
3 Big Mistakes I Made As An Illustrator and How You Can Avoid Them

The most valuable lessons I learned in illustration didn’t come from my successes but from my failures.

#Design Thinking #Illustrations

15 May 2019
Introducing Design Systems in Adobe XD (May 2019 Update)

Easily create, share, and manage reusable colors, styles, and components with your team

#Adobe XD

15 May 2019
Questions for a Motion Designer

I have an assignment where I have to interview an Interaction or UX designer and ask them four basic questions.

#Interview #Animation #Motion Design

14 May 2019
How to create marketing personas that start with empathy

Treating customers with respect earns you loyalty. Dig into marketing personas that reflect real people to gain the most valuable insight.

#Design Thinking #Empathy

14 May 2019
5 steps for including motion design in your system

Learn how to define motion duration, easing, effect, and choreography in your design system.

#Design Systems #Motion Design

14 May 2019
The humble receipt gets a brilliant redesign

This proof of concept, which is a side project from a Netflix data engineer, needs to find its way into real stores.

#Design Process

13 May 2019
Typography in Design Systems

As we equip teams to design and code usable, consistent, beautiful interfaces using systems, it’s essential that words depend on a strong foundation of typog...

#Design Systems

12 May 2019
What “intuitive” really means

The problem with the word “Intuitive” is that it means different things for different people: a product that is intuitive to me, might not be intuitive to my...

#Design Thinking

12 May 2019
Split Buttons: Definition

A split button is a dual-function menu button that offers a default action as well as the possibility of choosing a different action by selecting from a set ...

#Visual Design

10 May 2019
Designing towards live parking map — a UX case study

I am Product Designer at SpotAngels, a parking app to help people find parking. Here is the design case study of our live parking map.

#UX Design #Mobile

09 May 2019
Why I Don’t Believe in Empathic Design

Don Norman explains why he’s not convinced by the current obsession with empathy and what we should do instead.

#Design Thinking #Empathy

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