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12 Sep 2019
Integrating Video and Web Content: Lessons in User Interface Design

Practical tips on how to integrate video. All of them based on my experiences so far.

#Videos #Usability

12 Sep 2019
10 tips on using components in Figma

Using components in Figma will take your design workflow to the next level. In this article, I’m going to explain what components are, how they work, and giv...

#Figma #Design systems

11 Sep 2019
Light Theme, Redeemed

This is a story of light theme’s redemption. So sit back, remove your protective eyewear, and let’s go on a journey. Maybe you’ll even find yourself using li...

#Product design

11 Sep 2019
Email Love

Email Love is a new online resource curating the best email designs, templates and tools.


10 Sep 2019
Button Contrast Checker

Test all the buttons and links on your webpage with just one click. Check if you have are compliant with WCAG 2.1 contrast guidelines.

#Buttons #Accessibility

10 Sep 2019
Cooperative Design Systems

Sometimes an existing system won’t meet the needs of your project or users. Whatever the reason, don’t despair! Depending on the state of the existing system...

#Collaboration #Design Systems

10 Sep 2019
Making Figma feel more at home on the Mac.

In a nutshell, I was essentially going to build a native Mac browser that would be dedicated to Figma.


09 Sep 2019
How Video Games Inspire Great UX

Games felt more visceral and I wanted to understand them better and see where it took me.

#UX #Games

08 Sep 2019
Basic Types of Buttons in User Interfaces

Today, continuing the set of UI/UX glossary posts, we have collected here the definitions and examples for the widely used types of buttons we daily seen on ...

#Buttons #Usability

08 Sep 2019
Better Search Results

A UX experiment and case study re-thinking the design of search result layouts


07 Sep 2019
How to use icons in Figma

A simple tutorial and two free UI icon sets in a .fig file

#Icons #Figma

06 Sep 2019
The Bauhaus: Finding Creative Inspiration in Collaboration

One hundred years later, what can UX learn from the iconic design school?


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