12 May 2020
Rethinking Zoom's UX design

Zoom's UX design is broken. The interface is littered with confusing and repetitive buttons. I wanted to do a redesign of Zoom's core screens.


12 May 2020
Micro-Typography: How To Space And Kern Punctuation Marks And Other Symbols

For hundreds of years, we have been using white space in typography. Today, in 2020, how do we add spacing to punctuation marks and other symbols, and how do...


09 May 2020
Inside Figma: the product design team’s process

A deeper dive into Figma day-to-day: meeting cadences, rituals, and anything else that helps our design team stay connected and efficient. But first, two cav...

#Design process #Figma

05 May 2020
UX Design Methods In A Mind Map

If you are wondering when to apply which design methods, or if you are interested in a knowledge map of Product/UX design, this article will help you. It's a...

#UX #Mind map

05 May 2020
5 exercises to level up your design skills

These steps helped me become good at noticing why I was stuck so that I could make adjustments to correct my path. It helped me consciously work on skills th...

#Career #Design thinking

04 May 2020
Design system interview questions

Successful design systems are finely tuned to the organization they serve. At the beginning of every client design system engagement, we spend a great deal o...

#Design systems

30 Apr 2020
How To Succeed In Wireframe Design

In this article, we will take a deeper look at one of the most simple yet quite often underrated activities in web development: the design of wireframes. You...

#Wireframes #UI

30 Apr 2020
A systems view of brand design

A story behind Dropbox redesign. Rebranding does not happen overnight; it's a steep and long process to transform from one brand to the next.

#Redesign #Dropbox

28 Apr 2020
32 Design Differences between iOS and Android Apps

Adapting an app’s design to another platform is crucial. But what exactly sets design for iOS and Android apart? Let’s see.

#Android #iOS #UI

25 Apr 2020
Responsive grids and how to actually use them: common UI layouts

How to use the right responsive grid and UI layout based on your design goals.

#UI #grid

24 Apr 2020
Fixing what’s broken: How to improve your in-product error messages

Resilient product UX depends on thoughtful feedback systems

#UX Writing #User interface

20 Apr 2020
Workshop Facilitation 101

By following a set of simple facilitation principles and using standard tools and activities, anybody can grow into a confident workshop facilitator.

#Design Process #Workshops

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