27 Jul 2016
Metrics Versus Experience

Want to have a productive conversation about metrics and good experiences? Julie Zhuo shares her thoughts on that topic

#UX Strategy #UX Metrics

21 Jul 2016
Don’t Bring a Paintbrush to a Gunfight

Supporting your design choices with more than design language

#UX Strategy

09 Jul 2016
8 principles of bot design

When you’re tackling a domain like chatbots that are still very much in flux, it’s essential to be guided by clear design principles.


22 Jun 2016
Chat-Bots vs. Google Search

I thought it will be cool to compare famous chat-bots with Google. Here’s what I learned about three use-cases.


12 Jun 2016
Traditional User Experience Is at a Crossroads, Part 1

Great design, which results in experiences users love, increases profit margins and a company’s competitive advantage.

#Design Strategy

19 Apr 2016
Sorry to burst your [chat] bubble

Conversational commerce isn’t merely about texting bots


06 Mar 2016
Instinct Isn’t Enough: Great Design Demands Data

Data-informed design, not data-driven design, is key for delivering top-notch products, argues Robert Hoekman Jr.

#Data Analysis #Design Strategy

02 Mar 2016
On chat as interface

Chat has some weird consequences for developer economics, but also for how we build and test user interfaces.


30 Dec 2015
The State of Mobile Checkout & Form Usability

This article will look at those underlying patterns and general problem areas, and for good measure we’ve scattered a wealth of examples from our usability t...

#Ecommerce #Mobile

12 Dec 2015
6 Use Cases for Compatibility Databases on E-Commerce Sites

Inter-product compatibility is essential to the user for these types of categories. Compatibility databases provide the bedrock of such navigational features.


29 Sep 2015
UX Strategy: Fad or New World Order?

In the Silicon Valley startup and VC community, user experience has come a long way; from obscurity to top-of-mind. What about outside of that community?

#UX Strategy

31 Aug 2015
6 Indicators of an Organizations UX Maturity Level – Lessons In UX Maturity: Part 1

Like any function or practice, not all organizations have adopted or embraced UX design to the same degree or at comparable levels of maturity.

#UX Strategy

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