03 Dec 2014
Applied UX Strategy, Part 1: Maturity Models

A team first needs to validate that they're solving the right problem for the right audience, in the right market. Only after that should they polish their p...

#UX Strategy

16 Nov 2014
Building a Solid Foundation for Efficient Design

Answering key questions about your users, your stakeholders, and your role in a project before it begins can set the stage for success.

#UX Strategy

12 Nov 2014
Paper prototyping is a waste of time

A few strong arguments on why we need to design on paper but always test with a screen

#Prototyping #low-fidelity prototyping #paper prototyping

12 Oct 2014
Learning More About Creativity And Innovation From LEGO

Many companies and design agencies tend to look at the design and creativity stage from a narrow perspective. Usually, the design team is locked inside the i...

#UX Strategy

09 Oct 2014
UX Strategy Blueprint

The UX Strategy Blueprint is a simple tool to help you define a UX strategy. You can use the template freely provided you don’t change the structure and give...

#UX Strategy

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