Apple's WWDC19 Keynote for Mobile Designers

Apple's WWDC19 Keynote for Mobile Designers

03 Jun 2019

During WWDC19, Apple demonstrated a new version of the mobile OS - iOS 13. Here is a list of changes and features that will have a substantial impact on mobile design and development.


Starting with iOS 13, all native apps and widgets will support both light and dark modes. Dark Mode adjusts background and foreground colors to make content stand out. A new dark color scheme works system-wide. Darkmode can be scheduled to turn on automatically at sunset or at a certain time.

Dark Mode is available to app developers for integration into their own apps.

Home screen in dark mode. Dark mode in Apple Mail

Swiping gesture during typing

iOS keyboard now supports quick typing mechanism - QuickPath. QuickPath brings easy one-hand typing to the iOS keyboard using quick swipes.

Better performance of mobile apps

iOS 13 is faster and more responsive with optimizations across the system that improve app launch and reduce app download sizes. Apple claims that app's launch speed is up to twice fast on iOS 13. 

Better privacy with a new login mechanism

Sign in using your social network account is a quick way to get into apps. Unfortunately, this login mechanism is often used to track users.

Apple wants to solve this problem of privacy by introducing 'Sign in with Apple' - a simple way to sign-in without revealing any of your personal information. Apple does not use 'Sign In with Apple' to profile users or their activity in apps.

Some apps request for additional information such as user name or email. Apple has a solution for this case - the mechanism provides the options for users to hide the email. If a user decides not to show the email, Apple will create a unique random address that forwards the messages to your real address. Such unique address is created for every app, and the user has complete control-the user can disable the emails anytime they want.

Memoji Stickers

Memojis are a new generation of emojis. Starting with iOS 13, Memojis are incorporated in system keyboard, so it is possible to use them in mail, WeChat, or any other app you use for communication. Memoji are automatically made into sticker built into the iOS keyboard.

Memoji are automatically made into sticker built into the iOS keyboard

Siri Shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts is now built into iOS and features popular shortcuts. The fact that voice command will be visible for the user increase the chances that users will use them.

Siri Shortcuts
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