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04 Oct 2019
AI generates logos from whole cloth

Generating logos from whole cloth isn’t exactly novel — startups like Logojoy employ AI to create thousands of banners and branding elements on demand. But i...

#AI #Icons

27 Oct 2018
Generating custom photo-realistic faces using AI

Controlled image synthesis and editing using a novel TL-GAN model


25 Oct 2018
What Could an Intelligent Assistant Do for You? A Diary Study of User Needs

There are big gaps between what users need to do, what they actually do, and what is possible to do with today’s intelligent assistants.


28 Sep 2018
The Paradox of Intelligent Assistants: Poor Usability, High Adoption

Frequent users of Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant report attempting low-complexity tasks such as simple fact retrievals, weather forecast, navigation, play...

#AI #Digital Assistant

12 Sep 2018
The UX of AI

Using Google Clips to understand how a human-centered design process elevates artificial intelligence


16 May 2018
AI UX: 7 Principles of Designing Good AI Products

One thing we can learn from the latest fatal Tesla accident: AI and machine learning products need very careful designing. In this article, I will go through...


25 Jan 2018
What Did We Get Ourselves Into?

A history of designing Cortana’s personality

#Personality #AI #Cortana

15 Nov 2017
Combining Graphical And Voice Interfaces For A Better User Experience

With​ ​the​ ​appearance​ ​of​ ​voice​ ​user​ ​interfaces,​ ​AI​ ​and​ ​chatbots,​ ​what is​ ​the​ ​future​ ​of​ ​graphical​ ​user​ ​interfaces (GUIs)?​ ​Don’...


30 Sep 2017
Designing with AI

What I learned from designing an artificial intelligence–enabled experience


23 Aug 2017
You can be an AI designer

You may not know it, but as a product designer, you most likely have been designing for products that use some form of artificial intelligence.


02 Jun 2017
How to Meet User Expectations for Artificial Intelligence

Research-based recommendations to create a human-centered AI experience

#AI #Chatbots

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