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09 Oct 2019
How to prepare for an awesome Product Designer interview

Take a peek behind the scenes to see what questions we ask, and how we evaluate the answers to find great designers at Snapdocs


05 Oct 2019
Feeling Stuck as a Product Designer

Taking time to reflect as a soon-to-be recent grad

#Career #Design

01 Oct 2019
Practicing Growth Design

“Growth Designer” is not usually my actual job title, but I find that label useful for people to understand my skillset. It differentiates those of us who em...


20 Aug 2019
Are bad designers hiding behind the term “UX”?

UX Designers have gotten so used to not being responsible for the final look of the product, that they have dangerously distanced themselves from the design ...

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04 Aug 2019
5 Steps to Creating a UX-Design Portfolio

A portfolio highlighting your design process and past work shows others who you are as a designer. The process of creating a UX-design portfolio allows you t...

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01 Jul 2019
The Designer’s Growth Model

The growth of a designer, i.e. the maturity of design, goes through several phases. Different phases ask different things of a designer. In each phase the wo...


20 Nov 2018
10 skills that make a great designer

What skills make a designer valuable?


28 Oct 2018
How I got, handled and aced UX Interviews at companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and more!

Like any interview, the purpose of a UX interview is to sell yourself as a designer, but more importantly as a communicator.


10 Nov 2017
The Essential Guide to a Stellar Design Portfolio

A step-by-step tutorial to help you create the ultimate representation of your talents

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