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09 May 2020
Inside Figma: the product design team’s process

A deeper dive into Figma day-to-day: meeting cadences, rituals, and anything else that helps our design team stay connected and efficient. But first, two cav...

#Design process #Figma

24 Aug 2019
How We Design Without Designers

After a year of slogging through thousands of iterations, we wanted to share some of the lessons we’ve learned on how to design without any formal training.

#Design process #Design Thinking

21 Aug 2019
Intercom Design

We’re Intercom’s product design team. Our tools help businesses and customers talk with each other. You know, like it’s actually the 21st century.

#Design process #Design Thinking

25 Jul 2019
Supporting Dynamic Type at Airbnb

An overview of process, tips, and pitfalls we learned while bringing Dynamic Type to Airbnb. For you to reference when supporting Dynamic Type in your apps too!

#Design process #Typography

11 Jun 2019
Redesigning the content, research & design org

How redesigning our org structure led us to different ways of working

#Design process

22 Oct 2018
Designing Better Choices for Your Users

The power of a nudge in design

#Design process

03 Oct 2018
Designing Perceptions Instead of Solutions

Why a solution to a problem in the 21st century may not be the answer

#Design process

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