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04 Sep 2019
If You Want to Make the World a Better Place, Start With Your Day Job

Giving back is admirable, but it can’t undo the damage your employer is doing

#Design Process #Design

23 Aug 2019
How to be a triangle-shaped designer

Triangle shaped designer blends the KPI of design and business.

#Design Process #Design Thinking

21 Aug 2019
Enter the Design Toolbox

How I scaled the design toolchain across IBM

#Design Process #Design Thinking

16 Aug 2019
The tools we use: Challenging dogma in the design process

Many of us in the design and technology community pride ourselves on being tool builders, creating products that others can use to get things done.

#Design Process

16 Aug 2019
Design Tooling at Scale

The story of how Dropbox Design migrated to Figma and structured our cross-platform design system.

#Design Systems #Design Process

14 Aug 2019
Designer vs Corporation

7 tips to thrive as a creative in a corporate environment

#Design Process #Design Thinking

08 Aug 2019
6 Months Designing With Figma

When I joined OneSignal just over 6 months ago, I was a design team of one so part of my job was establishing the toolset and workflow.

#Design Process #Figma

03 Aug 2019
77 Things About Uber Design

Last year, Michael Gough had an idea. Actually, he had 77 of them — 77 thoughts and insights that he’d developed over a lifetime spent crafting his design th...

#Design Process

01 Aug 2019
Forget the computer — here’s why you should write and design by hand

There’s a reason why people, who have the option to actually use a computer, choose to make writing by hand a part of their creative process. And it all star...

#Design Process

30 Jul 2019
Remote Ideation: Synchronous vs. Asynchronous

Asynchronous remote ideation allows people to contribute ideas whenever it’s convenient to do so, but synchronous sessions lead to faster results and more te...

#Design Process #Ideation

29 Jul 2019
The one critical skill most designers overlook

Communication skills can make or break any design project that you’re working on

#Communication #Design Process

29 Jul 2019
Simultaneous Triangulation: Mixing User Research & Data Science Methods

Colette Kolenda and Kristie Savage discuss how a three-step process for mixing qualitative and quantitative methods can avoid data discrepancies and fuel pro...

#User Research #Design Process

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