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14 May 2019
The humble receipt gets a brilliant redesign

This proof of concept, which is a side project from a Netflix data engineer, needs to find its way into real stores.

#Design Process

29 Apr 2019
How Great Designers Take Responsibility for Feedback

We’re always subject to critique on a design team. And it ultimately makes our work better, no matter who’s delivering it.

#Design Process #Design Thinking

29 Apr 2019
UX Responsibilities in Scrum Ceremonies

As part of an Agile team, UX professionals should participate in all Scrum ceremonies in order to maintain open communication, influence product success, and...

#Design Process

23 Apr 2019
Sympathy vs. Empathy in UX

The majority of UX professionals practice sympathy instead of empathy for their users.

#Design Process

29 Mar 2019
The feedback you choose not to give is as important as the one you do

As a designer, the things you choose NOT to include in your designs is also design — after all, our work is about all prioritization and reduction. Similarly...

#Design Process

14 Mar 2019
Designing with Intuition

A Headspace case study about how we learned to design using intuition, blending science and research to create a solution that met our users’ need.

#Design Process

14 Mar 2019
5 UX tips I learned working in Gamedev

Game UI is extra emotional, literal and highly themed. What can we borrow to make our UI/UX work better?

#Design Process

27 Feb 2019
Redesigning the mobile app that Tesla deserves — a UX case study

I want to preface this case study by stating that I have the utmost respect for the designers and engineers at Tesla, and this redesign is born out of a desi...

#Design Process #Mobile

19 Feb 2019
The process of building a dashboard and developer documentation portal from scratch

The UX, effort and team collaboration to build a whole new product from scratch — in a limited amount of time.

#Design Process

09 Feb 2019
Collaboration is king

How teaching your teammates will boost your impact

#Design Process

24 Jan 2019
SFO Airport Security Redesign: Effecting Change in Complex Systems

Understand the complexity of one of the given systems: transportation, water, food, housing and education, then develop a solution that could affect change i...

#Design Process

12 Nov 2018
How we document components and patterns in the GOV.UK Design System

Good documentation matters and we work hard to make sure ours is clear, consistent and easy to follow.

#Design Process #Design System

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