27 Feb 2019
Redesigning the mobile app that Tesla deserves — a UX case study

I want to preface this case study by stating that I have the utmost respect for the designers and engineers at Tesla, and this redesign is born out of a desi...

#Design Process #Mobile

19 Feb 2019
The process of building a dashboard and developer documentation portal from scratch

The UX, effort and team collaboration to build a whole new product from scratch — in a limited amount of time.

#Design Process

09 Feb 2019
Collaboration is king

How teaching your teammates will boost your impact

#Design Process

24 Jan 2019
SFO Airport Security Redesign: Effecting Change in Complex Systems

Understand the complexity of one of the given systems: transportation, water, food, housing and education, then develop a solution that could affect change i...

#Design Process

12 Nov 2018
How we document components and patterns in the GOV.UK Design System

Good documentation matters and we work hard to make sure ours is clear, consistent and easy to follow.

#Design Process #Design System

26 Oct 2018
Best Tools for Code Collaboration

Tools that will help you deal with real-time code collaboration

#Collaboration #Design Process

26 Oct 2018
4 Ingredients for Great Digital Products

The four elements that I believe are the foundation of great digital products: Research, Empathy, Simplicity and Speed.

#Design Process

26 Oct 2018
Yes, your startup is ready for a design system

Larger companies are quickly realizing the value, if not necessity, of using design systems to keep bureaucratic disaster at bay.

#Design System #Design Process

24 Oct 2018
The Scandinavian rule that every designer should follow

The Janteloven or The Law of Jante (pronounced: Yante).

#Design Process

18 Oct 2018
Only one deliverable matters

Only one deliverable matters: the product itself. Everything else gets thrown away when you ship.

#Design Process

28 Jul 2016
Create a UX measurement plan

Whether you’re introducing how to measure user experience to an organization or trying to advance the maturity of your UX practice, you need a plan for measu...

#Design Process

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