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30 May 2019
The 30-second trick that can make anyone more creative

“The reason it works is because empathizing, or thinking about someone in an emotional way, leads to more cognitive flexibility,” says professor Kelly Herd.

#Design Thinking #Creativity

28 May 2019
Introducing Mercury OS

A speculative vision of the operating system, driven by humane design principles.

#Visual Design #Design Thinking

24 May 2019
The world needs a tech diet; here is how designers can help

It's time we bridge the gap between feel-good Design & Ethics panels and the work we do everyday as digital product designers.

#Design Process #Design Thinking

20 May 2019
Design partnership with users

How we build lasting connections with users to improve our product experiences.

#Design Thinking #Product Design

16 May 2019
3 Big Mistakes I Made As An Illustrator and How You Can Avoid Them

The most valuable lessons I learned in illustration didn’t come from my successes but from my failures.

#Design Thinking #Illustrations

14 May 2019
How to create marketing personas that start with empathy

Treating customers with respect earns you loyalty. Dig into marketing personas that reflect real people to gain the most valuable insight.

#Design Thinking #Empathy

12 May 2019
What “intuitive” really means

The problem with the word “Intuitive” is that it means different things for different people: a product that is intuitive to me, might not be intuitive to my...

#Design Thinking

09 May 2019
Why I Don’t Believe in Empathic Design

Don Norman explains why he’s not convinced by the current obsession with empathy and what we should do instead.

#Design Thinking #Empathy

29 Apr 2019
How Great Designers Take Responsibility for Feedback

We’re always subject to critique on a design team. And it ultimately makes our work better, no matter who’s delivering it.

#Design Process #Design Thinking

15 Mar 2019
The Value of Inconvenient Design

Technology makes seemingly inconvenient tasks easier — but at what cost?

#Design Thinking

13 Mar 2019
Design better products by building trust

The emotion of trust is not limited to humans anymore. It can be said that the core of Human-Computer Interaction is this emotion of trust.

#Design Thinking

27 Feb 2019
Ways to make your design process data-informed

How Dropbox designers leverage data to inform their designs

#Design Thinking

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