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26 May 2020
Form design: multiple inputs versus one input

While using multiple inputs can be helpful, most of the time it’s completely unnecessary and it has a number of drawbacks.

#Forms #UI

05 Oct 2019
Why Toggle Tokens Are a Better Alternative to Checkboxes

A better component for option selection is toggle tokens. Toggle tokens conserve screen space, so you have room for more content, and users don’t have to scr...


27 Aug 2019
The problem with tooltips and what to do instead

Tooltips are messages that appear when the user hovers over part of an interface—usually an icon—to explain how certain things work or what they mean.

#Forms #Usability

24 Aug 2019
Designing address forms for everyone, everywhere

A 5-step guide to designing global addresses

#Forms #Usability

09 Aug 2019
Why You Shouldn’t Gray Out Disabled Buttons

The way most designers communicate a disabled state is by graying the button out. However, this approach also surprises users because the button’s enabled st...

#Forms #Usability

02 Aug 2019
Phone Number Field Design Best Practices

Among the many different input fields that users have to interact with, the phone number filer is one of the trickiest fields to get right. A lot of differen...

#Forms #Usability

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