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04 Oct 2019
AI generates logos from whole cloth

Generating logos from whole cloth isn’t exactly novel — startups like Logojoy employ AI to create thousands of banners and branding elements on demand. But i...

#AI #Icons

07 Sep 2019
How to use icons in Figma

A simple tutorial and two free UI icon sets in a .fig file

#Icons #Figma

20 Jun 2019
A complete guide to iconography

Icons are a crucial part of any design system or product experience. They’re the foundational building block of illustrated content, but they are also highly...

#Design Systems #Icons

30 Nov 2018
Redesigning the Office App Icons to Embrace a New World of Work

Design is becoming the heart and soul of Office. Learn how we evolved our visual identity to reflect the simple, powerful, and intelligent experiences of Off...


28 Nov 2018
How to Design an Icon Set: Simple Checklist for Graphic Designers

The article shows all the process of icon creation step-by-step.


07 Nov 2018
UX Design Case Study: Icons8 Web App. Redesign Based on Usability Testing

This article is a story behind the Icons8 redesign: the case study to share our usability studies, iterations, and trade-offs. And the first thing that ruled...


03 Apr 2018
Hopefully, the Ultimate Guide to a Flat Icon Set

Creating monochrome icons for user interfaces.


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