12 Nov 2018
Apple Music: A UI/UX Holistic Case Study

In-depth design work proposal for a slightly better app.


02 Nov 2018
The End Is Near for Mobile Apps

How we went from “there’s an app for that” to “meh, do we really need one?”


01 Nov 2018
Don’t @ me: UX of notifications in 2019

In 2018, viral means dirty. And who wants to be that. But even the dirtiest tricks work and a lot of good stuff goes unnoticed. Because some apps are loud en...

#Notifications #Mobile

01 Nov 2018
Special project: Magic UX

Magic UX is a new smartphone interface inspired by the physical world. It uses your view of the real world to help you navigate computer generated content in...


01 Nov 2018
Motion Design in Digital Experiences of the Future

Exploring the concept of motion design in the interfaces of the future with Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants.

#Animation #Mobile

25 Oct 2018
Taking control of your audible library — a UX case study

Audible Collections empowers users to take control of their Audible libraries while further integrating Audible into the Amazon digital ecosystem.


24 Oct 2018
UX Best Practices: How to Design Scannable App Screenshots

Redesigning HeyDoctor’s App Store Screenshots


23 Oct 2018
Redesigning a Canadian lifestyle app

A holistic UX review of the latest drop redesign


30 Sep 2018
Designing notifications for apps

Explore different notification models and when to use which

#Mobile #Notifications

31 Aug 2016
WeChat: China’s Integrated Internet User Experience

UX research finds that tightly integrated services with a wide-ranging set of convenient features, accessed through a simple and unified design, are the reas...

#Chatbots #Mobile

30 Dec 2015
The State of Mobile Checkout & Form Usability

This article will look at those underlying patterns and general problem areas, and for good measure we’ve scattered a wealth of examples from our usability t...

#Ecommerce #Mobile

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