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26 May 2020
Biggest Wins and Fails in 25 Years of UX Columns

From 1995 to 2001 Jakob Nielsen wrote 250 articles with early usability insights that are still true but also contained predictions for aspirational changes ...

#Web #Usability

12 Sep 2019
Integrating Video and Web Content: Lessons in User Interface Design

Practical tips on how to integrate video. All of them based on my experiences so far.

#Videos #Usability

08 Sep 2019
Basic Types of Buttons in User Interfaces

Today, continuing the set of UI/UX glossary posts, we have collected here the definitions and examples for the widely used types of buttons we daily seen on ...

#Buttons #Usability

08 Sep 2019
Better Search Results

A UX experiment and case study re-thinking the design of search result layouts


03 Sep 2019
Cancel vs Close: Design to Distinguish the Difference

Distinguishing between these two actions is critical to avoiding losing users’ work. Save changes before closing a view, use text labels rather than an X ico...

#Usability #Design patterns

30 Aug 2019
Bottom Navigation Pattern On Mobile Web Pages: A Better Alternative?

As our phones are getting bigger, we need to adjust how we build and design our websites. Is there something to learn from app design and tap bars? Can we fi...

#Mobille #Usability

28 Aug 2019
Is a three-point scale good enough

Five-point scales are the best. No, seven points. Never use a ten-point scale. Eleven points “pretend noise is science.” You never need more than three points.


27 Aug 2019
The problem with tooltips and what to do instead

Tooltips are messages that appear when the user hovers over part of an interface—usually an icon—to explain how certain things work or what they mean.

#Forms #Usability

24 Aug 2019
Designing address forms for everyone, everywhere

A 5-step guide to designing global addresses

#Forms #Usability

22 Aug 2019
Mobile E-Commerce UX: Deemphasize ‘Install App’ Ads or Avoid Them Entirely

“Install App” ads — which ask mobile website users to install the site’s application on their mobile device — are quite common on mobile e-commerce sites, wi...

#Usability #Mobile UX

20 Aug 2019
‘Contact Us’ Page Guidelines

Users still expect to see company addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses on ‘Contact Us’ pages. Don’t hide or replace these elements with automated to...


19 Aug 2019
When You Need to Show a Button’s Loading State

Buttons have more than an enabled and disabled state. They also have a loading state. The loading state isn’t usually shown to users because most actions hap...


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