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23 May 2019
CSS can do that?

A list of amazing things that CSS can do!

#CSS #Web Design

30 Nov 2018
DevTools for Designers

A list of in-browser tooling that helps web designers do their job

#CSS #Web Design

27 Nov 2018
UX Design Case Study for Planned Parenthood Toronto’s website

Redesign Planned Parenthood Toronto’s website to make it work for its users and the organization.

#Web Design

19 Nov 2018
Peeking under the hood of redesigned Gmail

Half a year ago Google announced an updated version of Gmail interface. Despite multiple complaints from people, this is the default interface now. Among the...

#Performance #Web Design

01 Nov 2018
The 101 Course on Crafting 404 Pages

A 404 page should do more than apologize for poor navigation on behalf of your website. Here’s why making an effort with a 404 page could better your website...

#Web Design

23 Oct 2018
Now you see it: dark patterns in web design

The reference to the heist film Now You See Me seems so obvious when anyone comes to the dark patterns, an ingenious (sometimes) UI tactics of cheating you o...

#Dark Patterns #Web Design

09 Oct 2018
Why Do All Websites Look the Same?

The internet suffers from a lack of imagination, so I asked my students to redesign it

#Web Design

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