Color Contrast Tools

14 tools
NoCoffee Vision Simulator

NoCoffee can be helpful for understanding the problems faced by people with slight to extreme visio…

WebAIM Color Contrast Checker

Online color contrast checker

Contrast Ratio

Simple tool to check your contrast ratio online

Tanaguru Contrast Finder

Find me the good constrasts, for web accessibility, between two selected colors.

A11y Color Palette

This tool should help you visualize an entire palette of all color combinations with accessibility …

Text on background image a11y check

Change the text size, colour and position. It will check the dimensions of the textarea against the…


A web app that algorithmically builds accessible color schemes

Sim Daltonism

Sim Daltonism lets you visualize colors as they are perceived with various types of color blindness…


A macOS app for quick access to WCAG color contrast ratios

Accessible Brand Colors

This tool shows you how ADA compliant your colors are in relation to each other. By adding your bra…

Color Review

Color Review is a tool to help you test contrast between color elements in a design. This can help …


Colorblindly is an extension that helps developers create websites for people with colorblindness b…


Online color contrast tester

Button Contrast Checker

Test all the buttons and links on your page with just one click. Check if you have are compliant wi…

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