Adobe XD

The all-in-one UX solution for designing websites, mobile apps, & more. Adobe XD gives you everything you need to design and prototype websites, mobile apps, voice interactions, touchscreens, and more. It's the fastest way to go from the idea to a final solution.

Adobe XD's interface has two main tabs: Design, and Prototype. The Design tab features simple vector editor that you can use to create UI layouts. The Prototype tab is for connecting layouts together and previewing a design.

Cost Starter: Free; Single App: US$9.99/mo.; Creative Cloud All Apps: US$52.99/mo.
Platform Mac Windows
Import assets from Photoshop Sketch
Ideal for Web, Mobile


  • Pre-build canvas sizes (XD it offers you canvas sizes according to the devices you are designing)
  • UI kits of Apple iOS, Google's Material Design and Microsoft are available
  • Clean interface
  • Easy to fill UI with content (it's possible to drag image from anywhere, drop it over the object (rectangle or circular placeholder) in XD, and XD automatically applies mask over your image)
  • Easy to prototype layouts (link pages to each other and preview your prototype in the popup window)
  • Repeat grid feature (creating a list of items is simple with Repeat grid: create one and use repeat grid to duplicate that item vertically or horizontally)


  • Animating UI is difficult (compared to other tools)
  • No CSS export (there’s no way to extract CSS code from your design to simplify the work for developer)
  • Preview prototype live on your smartphone works only for Mac.

Latest Updates:

Introducing Design Systems in Adobe XD

Easily create, share, and manage reusable colors, styles, and components with your team

15 May 2019

February 2019 Release of Adobe XD

More Love for Photoshop and Illustrator, Audio Narration, and Increased Language Support

18 Feb 2019

Voice Prototyping in Adobe XD

Adobe announced the launch of voice capabilities within Adobe XD

11 Sep 2018

Popular Plugins:


The plugin provides access to 1 Million+ design resources right inside Adobe XD


In-context design annotations. Keep notes, ideas, tasks and feedback directly in your Adobe XD and Sketch documents.


Document your design system, together. Create beautiful living styleguides and document all your design system resources in one place


Design System Manager Plugin for Adobe XD


Stark was created to enhance the accessibility of design. It's a color-blind simulator + optimal contrast checker.


Beautiful images for your client and personal design projects, without attribution. A completely different kind of plugin, exclusively on XD.

Data Populator

Data Populator is a plugin to populate your design mockups with realistic content. All you need to do is add placeholders for text or images to your design mockups.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets plugin helps you enrich your designs with real content and data from Google Sheets


With Calendar, you can generate a simply formatted monthly calendar in any language


Get feedback on your design where it matters: users emotional reactions. With the Vempathy plugin you will build better digital experiences with rapid customer feedback and analysis powered by artificial intelligence. You will see exactly when participants express different emotions while interacti…


Turn your Adobe XD designs into real mobile apps just with a few clicks.

Odin Chart

Small tool for designing custom charts in Adobe XD


A data visualization plugin that allows you to create charts using real data

Style Mate

Style Mate can create design tokens and helps you share them with other designers and developers.


A must-have plugin that helps you handoff design and styleguides.


Generate gorgeous confetti patterns in 1 click within Adobe XD.


The Airtable allows you to iterate on your designs using real content from your Airtable bases.


Insert stock photos, icons and illustrations into your mockups in a very seamless way.

Lorem ipsum

Dummy text (Lorem ipsum) generator.

UI Faces

Generate avatars for your design without leaving Adobe XD.

Rename It

The plugin allows you to batch layer and artboard names.

Artboard Plus

Artboard plus lets you keep all your artboards nicely structured. You can rearrange artboards in a grid, sort them by name or create an artboard around a given selection

Popular UI Kits:

MentorMe UI Kit

The purpose of this concept app is centered around connecting students with mentors. MentorMe UI Kit includes 36 customizable screens and over 40 custom made icons.

Cooin (Crypto UI Kit)

Cooin is a UI Kit for the new digital currency era

Sky (UI Kit for travel app)

Over 80 beautiful components for web & mobile

Meetio (Social Meet Up UI Kit)

Meetio is a free iOS UI Kit made for Adobe XD. It includes more than 80 screens organized in 6 categories and designed with a unique style to set yourself apart.

Smartwatch UI Kit

This kit includes 60 customizable watch screens, 20+ components, and 30+ icons.

Dashboard Kit

This free and fully customizable UI kit features 15 data charts visualizations, more than 100 UI components and over 10 full screens including login, email, chat, calendar, invoicing.

Navigo (Map/Navigation)

Navigo is a free iOS UI kit for Adobe XD, featuring more than 60 screens across 6 different categories and designed with a modern and colorful style.

Explord (Blog/Social Media Kit)

Explord is a free UI kit which is built using on a 12-column grid. It includes 50 UI elements spread across different categories

UI Dashboards

A few screens with different graphs and dashboards

Login UIs

A collection of 20 login screens, all 100% vector, all 100% editable.


UI kit for a mobile app for blogging

Finance Mobile App

Essential UI assets for creating finance app

Flight Booking

A passenger flight app concept


Free e-commerce UI kit


E-commerce UI kit freebie

Plexus (Online Courses)

Plexus is a mobile UI kit for online courses.

iPlayMusic (Music App)

Awesome music UI kit contains multiple solid colors, set of icons. Created using 4 column grid

XD Auto-Animate Kit

This animation kit provides ready-to-use design assets - both UI elements, drag effects - that will help you create motion and animation in no time.

Amazon Alexa UI Kit

Amazon Alexa UI Kit allows you to use components from the Alexa Presentation Language (APL), along with APL colors and fonts that help you create authentic experiences for Echo Spot, Echo Show, and Fire TV.

Responsive Resize Kit

A handy collection of web, tablet & mobile responsive screens for XD.

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