ProtoPie is a highly interactive prototyping tool for designers to turn their ideas into prototypes that feel real. Compose elaborate interactions and animations easy, and build sensor-aided prototypes without a line of code.

It's a fantastic tool for adding advanced interactions to prototypes from XD and Sketch.

Cost No
Platform Mac Windows
Import assets from
Ideal for No


  • Gradual learning curve (clean and simple interface)
  • Native prototyping (deploy prototypes on any device right away)
  • Utilizes device sensors (tilt, sound, compass, proximity sensor, vibration motor and 3D Touch sensors)Code Free(no coding required)
  • Bridge feature (it's possible to create interactions that involve two or more smart devices and test a variety of use-case scenarios through prototypes)
  • The team behind ProtoPie take user's feedback seriously and constantly improving the app


  • Lack of styling options (impossible to add gradients, shadows, or change text properties)
  • No enough learning resources

Latest Updates:

ProtoPie 3.9

ProtoPie 3.9 is here! Meaning that ProtoPie is now more powerful than ever!

16 Sep 2018

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